The Marching Nutritionist

The Marching Nutritionist

Dynamic Nutrition For The Marching Arts

The Marching Nutritionist is YOUR resource for everything nutrition-related in the marching arts. I share advice, information and tips for everyone in high school and college marching band, indoor marching ensembles, and drum corps.

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The Show Day Snack Guide For Band Directors: Practical tips for feeding your hungry band on long show days. Includes food allergy information, food safety tips, and a BIG list of nutritious, budget-friendly snack ideas for keeping your band well-fed.

The Beginner’s Guide To Marching Nutrition: Everything you ever wanted to know about the basics of nutrition and taking care of your body on and off the field. Includes discussion about nutrients, finding foods with great nutrition, and steps for getting started and being kind to yourself.

5 Recipes To Rock Your Rehearsal: Five no-nonsense, easy to follow recipes that are packed with excellent nutrition to help fuel you for a full-day rehearsal.

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