Natalie Nation

Hi! Welcome to Feed That Nation!

My name is Natalie Nation. I’m a graduate student, a future registered dietitian, a health educator, a content creator, AND a self-proclaimed mac and cheese expert!

Feed That Nation is a place where I talk about all things college life, college health, and college wellness. I give sage (or not) advice and share authentic and REAL health and lifestyle tips for college students.

I make content to connect with you, bring you information, share my story and my struggles, and most importantly, I am here to LEARN, just like you!

My goal is to help you to be more successful, confident, and healthy in your student journey.

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How It All Began…

Feed That Nation was begun in February 2016. Under the name “Cute College Cook”, Natalie began to share original recipes and college adventures. Eventually, Natalie felt that she needed a new name to reflect her interests, and the Cute College Cook was renamed “Feed That Nation” in the fall of 2018, as Natalie began to create her podcast, Feed That Nation. The name of the website and podcast were, of course, inspired by Natalie’s last name, as well as her love of food and nutrition.

Today, Feed That Nation, has grown to include Natalie’s YouTube channel, podcast, Instagram, and blog.

Other media appearances

Podcast guest, Ronit Plank’s “And Then Everything Changed” podcast, talking about food insecurity in university students and being a food justice advocate. Listen on Apple here.

Podcast guest, Andrea Piercy’s “Our Story Speaks” podcast, having a conversation about growing up with a learning disability, overcoming fear of failure, and learning to trust yourself. Listen on Apple here.


Email me! Natalie1nation@gmail.com