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My name is Natalie Nation, MPH, RD, LD.

I’m a registered dietitian and freelance writer living and working in Minneapolis, MN.

By day, I work 1:1 with teenagers in an outpatient clinic setting to provide nutrition education and counseling. By night, I share practical and professional advice as a guest blogger on websites like Raising Teens Today, to help teens and their parents navigate nutrition, body image, and self-care.

I’ve spoken in classrooms and gymnasiums, on virtual and in-person panels and forums, and on podcasts!

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In the Media

Guest writer, Minnesota Women’s Press, “Diet Culture to Body Joy.” Learning to love my body after struggling with disordered eating. Read here.

Guest blogger, Your Teen Media, “Want to Raise Young Women with Body Positivity? Stop the Negative Talk.” Advice for parents on combatting negative body talk at home. Read here.

Guest blogger, Your Teen Media, “Ask An Expert: What Is Iron-Deficiency Anemia In Teens?” Facts about iron-deficiency anemia, symptoms, treatment, and how parents can help their teens eat well. Read here.

Guest blogger, Raising Teens Today, “22 Protein-Packed Snacks For Always Hungry Teens.” Practical, nutritious snack ideas for parents of teens with voracious appetites. Read here.

Podcast guest, “And Then Everything Changed” podcast. Talking about food insecurity in university students and being a food justice advocate. Listen on Apple here.


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