My name is Natalie Nation, MPH, RD, LD.

I am a registered dietitian living and working in Minneapolis, MN. As a dietitian, I work in a school-based health center to provide nutrition education and counseling to teenagers in 1:1 appointments, group education, and classroom settings.

Based on my expertise in working with adolescents, I also create and sell teen-friendly digital education materials for other dietitians to use when working with teen clients. My online store is hosted on wellresourced.com (formerly RD2RD).

I’m also a freelance writer and speaker, sharing practical and professional advice on how healthcare professionals, communities, and families can better navigate the ins and outs of nutrition, body-image, and self-care.

Check out some of my work!

  • “School Based Clinics Empower Teens.” Minnesota Women’s Press. The important role of school-based health centers in providing access to healthcare for teens. Read here.
  • “Diet Culture to Body Joy.” Minnesota Women’s Press. Learning to love my body after struggling with disordered eating. Read here.
  • “Want to Raise Young Women with Body Positivity? Stop the Negative Talk.” Your Teen Media. Advice for parents on combatting negative body talk at home. Read here.
  • “Ask An Expert: What Is Iron-Deficiency Anemia In Teens?” Your Teen Media. Facts about iron-deficiency anemia, symptoms, treatment, and how parents can help their teens eat well. Read here.
  • “22 Protein-Packed Snacks For Always Hungry Teens.” Raising Teens Today. Practical, nutritious snack ideas for parents of teens with voracious appetites. Read here.


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