Any Way You Want It Lunch Wrap

Any Way You Want It Lunch Wrap

I’m a big fan of getting to make my lunches EXACTLY the way I want. And this lunch wrap is perfect for that! I get to choose my toppings, put it all together just right, and save myself the trouble of buying an expensive deli wrap. With or without meat, this wrap is full of nutrients to get you through a long school or work day.

Any Way You Want It Lunch Wrap (1 serving)

1 10″ flour tortilla

1-2 tablespoons of hummus

Choose one or more: 2-3 slices of cheese, 4 slices ham or turkey, 1/2 cup cooked shredded chicken.

Choose two or more: Lettuce, spinach, sliced tomato, sliced cucumber, sliced avocado (or other veggies).


Lay tortilla flat, spread hummus in a thin layer.

Layer proteins and veggies down the center of the tortilla.

Roll to close. Slice in half and place wrap halves in a baggie or tupperware container.

Store in fridge or in lunch box with icepack until eating

Minnesota-based grad student, future RD, educator, content creator, and mac and cheese expert! Natalie is currently a Masters of Public Health student and dietetic intern at the University of Minnesota, and is on-track to becoming a registered dietitian-nutritionist. She earned her bachelor's degree in Dietetics in 2019 from St. Catherine University.

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